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An Interview with Author Christy Elkins

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The Bone War of McCurtain County

Having loved dinosaurs (who didn't?), imagined myself as an Indiana Jones of old bones, and strolling wide-eyed through various natural museums soaking in the fossilized remains of prehistoric giants, I was delighted when I received this book to read.  I simply thought it would be a academic type account of the finding of some rare bones in a overlooked corner of Oklahoma in the middle 1980's.   Appearances, and assumptions, can be mistaken.   The book is a complex, riveting, and rollar coaster ride through a vicious tug-of-war between corporate greed, individual capitalist endeavor, and academic snobbery. Author Russell Ferrell has uncovered a "Peyton Place" of real palentogological history!
Coming in at just over 400 pages, The Bone War of McCurtain County by Russell Ferrell (Rabelius Publishing, Waxahachie, Texas, 2013) , is a story of a "Backwoods Hillbilly and Choctaw Indian" as they battle for "treasure, truth and justice."    It the classi…

Steve Burt - Award Winning Author

Steve Burt, whose works have won three Ray Bradbury Awards and was a 2005 Bram Stoker Award winner, offers a feast of mayhem and mystery to cool down the summer. His works of the macabre include a striking short story collection: Odd Lot, Even Odder, Oddest Yet, and Wicked Odd. Not bad for a minister turned storyteller turned award winning author.

Most recently this multi-faceted man has added two novels to his credits. The exciting FreeK Camp and its followup FreeK Show. Soon, FreeK Accident will also make its appearance. Additionally, he has written popular inspirational collections, A Christmas Dozen and Unk's Fiddle with tales to warm the heart.

The stories FreeK Camp and FreeK Show are well written, swiftly pulling the reader deep into situations filled with tension, drama, and lives tossed into a maelstrom of the bizarre. They contain characters who could be people who are living just down the street or sitting beside you as you read this. The novels (FreeK Camp, FreeK…

Anne Urne's Communion of Saints

A delightful journey into the heart of what it means to be human and wonder and seek for answers.  A rollicking journey of an "author aboard" when things go hilariously wrong.  A thought provoking look at how we perceive spiritual matters. Most of all a good read!

New Book Profiles Pentecostal Scholar

The life and influence of a British born clergy, educator, and author is the topic of the newest book from Norman author Marilyn A. Hudson. In Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning, 1914-2006 Hudson explores the work and life of a man known widely as a true gentleman and scholar.
The Reverend Noel Brooks (1914-2006) was an English clergy, educator, and author who ministered in the Wesleyan Methodist, the Elim Pentecostal Church, The Bible Pattern Fellowship (and wrote a biography of the leader and well known revivalist, George Jeffreys) and in the Pentecostal Holiness Church in both Great Britain and North America. In the mid-1970’s he taught religion on the campus of what was then the Oklahoma City Southwestern College (now Southwestern Christian University). Over his life, he wrote numerous articles, many books, delivered countless lectures, and served as president of a small college in Bristol and one in Ontario.
Using letters, personal papers, unpublished manuscripts, interviews, …

A Small Book and Child Author Make Big Waves

List includes 100 individuals from across 10 professional fields that are making a difference in their communities and across the country!

(New York, NY) January 31, 2012 - In honor of Black History Month, seven year old, youth author/anti-bullying advocate LaNiyah Bailey has been recognized, as one of "TheGrio's 100: History Makers In The Making."

Released by, a division of NBC News, the list includes 100 African-American men and women who are writing the next chapter of American history.

Nominated by a team of experts, affiliates, and contributors from across the country, and members of and NBC News editorial teams, "TheGrio's 100" shines a spotlight on the next generation of African-American history makers and industry leaders from 10 fields, including business, education, sports, science and the environment, media, service and activism, politics, health, pop culture and the arts.

"TheGrio's 100" was officially unveiled…


The first comprehensive compilation of all that is strange for the state of Oklahoma, Cullan Hudson's Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, continues as one of the best on the market for any state.

Well written, illustrated by the author (who is also a graphic artist) Strange State is filled with touches of wry wit and revealing both an open mind and a logical skepticism.

The book covers the entire gambit of strange, from reports of Bigfoot sightings (some possibly from the 19th century), to Hauntings, Lost Treasure, UFO's, Zombies and everything in between.

Available on Amazon, the book is perfect for paranormal, mystery, and folklore lovers.